Kindergarten Solstice Fire

img_6159After our busy morning, we came back to the woods for a special fire to celebrate the Solstice and holiday season. Thanks so much to our fire tender Seth who built the fire and kept it going beautifully. It was still snowing ever so lightly and in the still air the smoke from the fire went straight up, creating such a reverent ambience. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions! Mrs. Petitti, Mrs. Fournier, and Dylan joined us too.

All 27 kindergarteners in both classes fit perfectly around the fire circle. We learned how to walk around the outside of the circle, to stay seated, and use quiet voices around the fire. We can wave to friends across the circle, but only talk to those on either side of us.

solstice-fire-jenny-and-lucyMrs. Johnson read aloud The Mitten while everyone munched on sugar cookies made by Mrs. Johnson’s class and Calliope’s mom. They were delicious! We laughed so much at how many animals tried to squeeze into one mitten!

Then Mr. Lajoie played his guitar and we sang songs including “Frosty the Snowman,” “Jingle Bells,” and  “This Little Light of Mine.” We sang “The First Snow Falls” and then Ms. Atkins’ class sang it by themselves without any teacher help!

After our fire, we played in the snow all together. We fit so many kids on the big log and we found slush under the snow in the riverbed.

We will leave you with the chorus of “The Solstice Song” by Alouette Iselin. (Thanks to John Gawler for singing it at their Holiday Concert and for sharing the chords!) Today we were all friends sharing the warmth and light of our fire together.

Let me come in and share your light,
For I’m without a friend tonight,
Let me come in and share your light,
And a warm place by your fire.


A Very “Weird” Forest Day

img_6143Hello! Today we had our Forest Day on a Thursday! That was the first weird thing. The other weird things were that we had Art instead of Music and P.E. and we ate lunch in the classroom.


Today it was snowing and chilly, but warmer than our last Forest Friday. There was a lot of snow on the ground. This was the first day in our new woods for many of our friends: Aisley,  Kinslee, Hugh, Malaky, and Olivia.

We noticed some changes in the woods. Ms. Atkins made benches out of boards for us to sit on. Jaydon noticed extra boards leaning against a tree.


When we first got outside, everyone helped gather wood for our fire this afternoon. We made a huge pile! Almost half the class helped carry this big stick up to the big pile.

We ate our snack out in the woods. Ms. Atkins asked what we wanted for snack, either graham crackers or a cereal bar.

After snack, Mollie, Ella, and Aisley played cooking. Josie, Malaky and Hugh all rolled in the snow down the mountain. Kinslee, Alexis, and Olivia rode on a bus that was a log.


We loved our second Forest Day! We are going to go back out and have a fire with Mrs. Johnson’s class and Mr. Lajoie (the Principal). We’re going to eat cookies and sing songs! img_6153

Indoor Forest Friday

Today it was too cold to go in the woods. It was 3 degrees at Morning Meeting and -5 degrees when Ms. Atkins woke up. 😦 It was also very windy. We’re sorry woods that we can’t visit you. Are the trees going to get cold?


Today we practiced being around a fire inside our classroom. We have to be very safe around the fire because it is hot. We walked around the fire slowly. The white string was the boundary that kids can’t go across. We would not want to jump in the fire because we would get burned.

We wore lots of clothes to keep us warm today in case we could go outside. Ella wore three shirts. Beatrice and Kinslee wore long underwear tops and bottoms. Mollie wore a fleece. Aisley wore tights under her pants. Olivia wore a fleece, snow pants, and a jacket. Malaky wore a jacket and a car shirt. And many of us wore wool socks! We are getting closer to being ready for the cold.

We hope that next week is just a little bit warmer so we can go out. We will keep wearing our warm clothes!


Our First Forest Day!

Today was our first Forest Friday! The weather was partly sunny and windy. There is only a little snow left in the woods.


Before we went out we worked on our Forest Plans, thinking about what we wanted to do in the woods today.img_6096

We had to hike to our new woods. We went through a lot of branches and they smacked Josie and Jaydon in the face. 😦 We had to cross over a river on a branch. We had to climb on the branch and it was slippery! It was hard to get across. Ella jumped. Jaydon fell in twice! He almost fell in the mud. Josie got scared. Mollie almost fell in too!


We had Morning Meeting in the woods. We listened to the sounds around us like the wind, the creaking trees, and our friends moving. For our Message, Ms. Atkins said it and we repeated it.img_6115

Henry, Josie, Beatrice, Alexis, Jaydon, and Ella played on a big log. Beatrice pushed Henry off by mistake, but he was okay. There were a bunch of trees close to the log and we didn’t know how to go around them. But Josie figured it out by putting one leg on each side. The log was really slippery! Jaydon was racing to cross the log very quickly.

At the fire circle, Mollie, Alexis, and Reuben were walking on the stumps. Some of them were slippery. We jumped off of them when we got to the end of the line. img_6117

Before lunch, Reuben, Mollie, and Ella tried to get everyone to come up to the fire circle by calling out, “It’s time for Art!”

We ate lunch at the fire circle. Ms. Atkins moved the stumps to make tables for us. Ella and Mollie shared a table. We had one glove on and one glove off, so that both of our hands didn’t get cold.

We loved our Forest Friday! We are so excited for next week. img_6116