Indoor Forest Friday

Today it was too cold to go in the woods. It was 3 degrees at Morning Meeting and -5 degrees when Ms. Atkins woke up. 😦 It was also very windy. We’re sorry woods that we can’t visit you. Are the trees going to get cold?


Today we practiced being around a fire inside our classroom. We have to be very safe around the fire because it is hot. We walked around the fire slowly. The white string was the boundary that kids can’t go across. We would not want to jump in the fire because we would get burned.

We wore lots of clothes to keep us warm today in case we could go outside. Ella wore three shirts. Beatrice and Kinslee wore long underwear tops and bottoms. Mollie wore a fleece. Aisley wore tights under her pants. Olivia wore a fleece, snow pants, and a jacket. Malaky wore a jacket and a car shirt. And many of us wore wool socks! We are getting closer to being ready for the cold.

We hope that next week is just a little bit warmer so we can go out. We will keep wearing our warm clothes!


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