A Very “Weird” Forest Day

img_6143Hello! Today we had our Forest Day on a Thursday! That was the first weird thing. The other weird things were that we had Art instead of Music and P.E. and we ate lunch in the classroom.


Today it was snowing and chilly, but warmer than our last Forest Friday. There was a lot of snow on the ground. This was the first day in our new woods for many of our friends: Aisley,  Kinslee, Hugh, Malaky, and Olivia.

We noticed some changes in the woods. Ms. Atkins made benches out of boards for us to sit on. Jaydon noticed extra boards leaning against a tree.


When we first got outside, everyone helped gather wood for our fire this afternoon. We made a huge pile! Almost half the class helped carry this big stick up to the big pile.

We ate our snack out in the woods. Ms. Atkins asked what we wanted for snack, either graham crackers or a cereal bar.

After snack, Mollie, Ella, and Aisley played cooking. Josie, Malaky and Hugh all rolled in the snow down the mountain. Kinslee, Alexis, and Olivia rode on a bus that was a log.


We loved our second Forest Day! We are going to go back out and have a fire with Mrs. Johnson’s class and Mr. Lajoie (the Principal). We’re going to eat cookies and sing songs! img_6153

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