Kindergarten Solstice Fire

img_6159After our busy morning, we came back to the woods for a special fire to celebrate the Solstice and holiday season. Thanks so much to our fire tender Seth who built the fire and kept it going beautifully. It was still snowing ever so lightly and in the still air the smoke from the fire went straight up, creating such a reverent ambience. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions! Mrs. Petitti, Mrs. Fournier, and Dylan joined us too.

All 27 kindergarteners in both classes fit perfectly around the fire circle. We learned how to walk around the outside of the circle, to stay seated, and use quiet voices around the fire. We can wave to friends across the circle, but only talk to those on either side of us.

solstice-fire-jenny-and-lucyMrs. Johnson read aloud The Mitten while everyone munched on sugar cookies made by Mrs. Johnson’s class and Calliope’s mom. They were delicious! We laughed so much at how many animals tried to squeeze into one mitten!

Then Mr. Lajoie played his guitar and we sang songs including “Frosty the Snowman,” “Jingle Bells,” and  “This Little Light of Mine.” We sang “The First Snow Falls” and then Ms. Atkins’ class sang it by themselves without any teacher help!

After our fire, we played in the snow all together. We fit so many kids on the big log and we found slush under the snow in the riverbed.

We will leave you with the chorus of “The Solstice Song” by Alouette Iselin. (Thanks to John Gawler for singing it at their Holiday Concert and for sharing the chords!) Today we were all friends sharing the warmth and light of our fire together.

Let me come in and share your light,
For I’m without a friend tonight,
Let me come in and share your light,
And a warm place by your fire.


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