“Family Forest Friday”

Henry thought of a funny idea today. He said that instead of “Forest Fridays” we should call our them “Family Fridays” because so many family members come visit.

It was very slippery walking to the woods! We had to slide sometimes. We could hardly get over the field and kept sliding down the hill into the brush.img_6312img_6313img_6315

Some of us used walking sticks!


In the woods, the wind felt cold. Last time, it wasn’t that windy. But today it was pretty warm: 45 degrees at Morning Meeting. It was sunny. It was so icy that could slide down the hills really easily.

We had three guests that joined us today. Reuben’s dad Reeve and his grandpa Frank came out to tend our fire. They had to collect wood for the fire. Hugh, Reuben, Olivia, Malaky, Jaydon, and Aisley helped collect firewood too. Hugh was getting sap from a tree with a pointy stick (a balsam fir). The sap came from the little bumps on the tree. It helped the fire go really well.

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Mollie’s grandma came too. She played Camouflage with us. She was moving slowly because of the ice and got caught by the Owl!


Today was Alexis’s Birthday Circle! She is turning six tomorrow. She got to walk around the sun six times. She gave us cookies.

Today we noticed a lot of things in nature. Malaky heard some chickadees on our walk. Henry found a tiny, tiny track in the snow. Jaydon wrecked it, but Ms. Burns got a picture of a different track that was the same thing.

Hugh found a tiny animal that blended into the sap tree. Reuben’s grandpa didn’t even know what it was called. Hugh knew it was some kind of insect.

Henry and Alexis found deer tracks on the way to the woods. Most people got to see them. Deer tracks have two parts to them with a line down the middle.


Down in the river, the mud was so sticky. Ella almost got stuck. It was awesome until we had to get out. Ella, Malaky, Kinslee, and Hugh got pretty soaked.

All the things we played were: Sliding down the big steep hill, finding sap trees, getting sticks for the fire, playing Nature Girls, playing ship on the big log, playing bears in a cave, and playing Camouflage.img_6326img_6325

We had a great day in the warm, windy woods!

A New Camouflage Game!

In the woods today, the weather was 32 degrees and it warmed up even more. We didn’t have to wear our hats! The wind was not moving at all. It was very quiet. There are still no leaves on the trees. Some of the snow has melted!

We did not have Ms. Burns today because she was sick. That meant we had to work harder than usual to take care of each other. One thing we did was helping each other over the bridge. When Ella fell down, Henry helped her up.

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On our hike we found grouse tracks. A grouse is a type of bird. Reuben’s dad hunts grouse.img_6273

At Morning Meeting Mrs. Fournier came to visit. The Kindergartners are better at saying our January poem than Ms. Atkins!


From the book “Be Blest” by Mary Beth Owens.

After Morning Meeting we played the game Camouflage. There were snowshoe hares and an owl. The owl was trying to find the snowshoe hares, but it could only move one step. If the owl found a snowshoe hare, the snowshoe hare would have to come sit with the owl. If you were a snowshoe hare, you had to camouflage and you had to be able to see the owl! We learned that snowshoe hares turn white in the winter to camouflage.


Beatrice being the Owl.


Can you find Olivia?


Josie in her hiding spot.

During the game, Mrs. Fournier protected Henry when he was hiding in the backpacks. Kinslee put more backpacks on top of Henry too, so he could hide better. A lot of kids hid behind trees. Ella and Mollie hid in the pucklebrushes and Ms. Atkins could not find them! Behind the firewood tarp was also a good place to hide. Reuben discovered a spot under some of the boards in the fire circle. Josie hid behind the other pile of sticks.

Even though we didn’t have a fire today, it was warm enough that we had a good lunch outside. We hope Ms. Burns is better next week!

A Birthday Circle, Lunch Outside, and Guests!

It was a warm day today, but it was windy! It was 37 degrees at Morning Meeting. The woods were really different today. There was a little ice on the hill but the rest of the ice and snow had melted. There was only snow in the valley down by the river. There was no snow up at our fire circle.

On our hike today we saw deer scat:img_6219

Today Henry’s dad and Mollie’s grandma joined us. Henry’s dad Allen tended the fire for us. He also helped put the fire out by putting snow on it. The grown-ups thought it might be hard to start a fire because of the wind, but the wind actually helped the fire!


Henry’s dad Allen helped tend our fire for us.

Our other guest was Mollie’s grandma, Carol. She came down the hill to check on everyone with Ms. Atkins. She sat next to Mollie and Malaky for lunch. She called Malaky a chair because she and Malaky were leaning against each other.

Ms. Burns was also there, as always. She helped us gather wood like beaver sticks. (A beaver stick is the fattest kind of stick.) Ms. Burns also helped us gather our trash. She wanted to keep our woods clean!

We had a fire today. The smoke came out everywhere. The smoke was mostly because a lot of the wood was wet. When we put dry wood on, there was less smoke! The wind was blowing the smoke into our eyes. Josie hid in her coat to get away from the smoke. Reuben and a lot of other kids moved to a new seat. Beatrice sat sideways. Alexis and Ella covered their faces.  Henry just ran away!

We played in all of our places today: down on the log, in the river, and up on top of the hill. Reuben, Aisley, Kinslee, and Malaky played ship down on the big log. There was a baby on the ship and that was Olivia! A lot of other friends played Baby again.



We discovered that the river had water flowing in it again. It was deep. Josie, Hugh, and Kinslee explored really far away. They found a few more waterfalls. They got wet.

It was also Mollie’s birthday today. We had her birthday circle outside. She brought cookies for us to share. She wore the birthday cape too.


Mollie played all day in the woods wearing her birthday cape!

Because it was so warm, we could eat lunch outside today. We could take off both our mittens. Allen and Ms. Atkins kept the fire going while we had lunch.


We love our Forest Fridays. We can’t wait to go into the woods again!

Our Icy Forest Friday

This Friday it was partly cloudy, partly sunny, and very very icy! There was still a lot of snow on the ground. When we got to the woods it was 30 degrees.

We had to hike a long way to get to the woods, like we do every Friday. Kinslee, Ella, Henry, Olivia and Aisley fell into the riverbed. They had to climb out on the end where the bank was shorter. We saw deer tracks and maybe even a coyote bed. It was really hard to climb up the hills because of the ice.

Once we got to the woods, Jaydon broke of a lot pieces of wood. Almost the whole rest of the class played baby. We slid down the steep hill because of the ice. It was really fun! But it was also very hard to not crash into other people. When Henry was going down, Kinslee hit him in the nose with her boot by mistake. Beatrice also bonked Ella in the nose with her boot by accident. Aisley tripped over a stick and banged her cheek on the ice. And when Beatrice was rolling down the hill, Ella pushed her into a log by mistake!

To get back up the hill we had to use our feet and our hands. Some people had a really hard time getting up. Many of us had a walking stick to help. We could also grab the sticks and trees around us to get up.

Some people tried going on the big log with all the ice on it. Olivia fell off it. Henry and Malaky tried it and got halfway across.img_6194

Hugh found that the river was full of mud and water! Josie thought it was really fun to play in. She and Aisley, Hugh, Kinslee, Beatrice, Henry, and Olivia all walked in it! We learned that if we sit in the river with snow pants on, the water and mud could soak through.


For a surprise, Aisley’s mom made us strawberry blueberry muffins for snack today! They were not just good, but awesome! They were so sweet. And Ms. Atkins made us tea with honey. It was a little too strong because she put in five tea bags. 😦 Next time she will only put in three.

img_6206We loved our third Forest Friday!

Love, Ms. Atkins’ Class