Our Icy Forest Friday

This Friday it was partly cloudy, partly sunny, and very very icy! There was still a lot of snow on the ground. When we got to the woods it was 30 degrees.

We had to hike a long way to get to the woods, like we do every Friday. Kinslee, Ella, Henry, Olivia and Aisley fell into the riverbed. They had to climb out on the end where the bank was shorter. We saw deer tracks and maybe even a coyote bed. It was really hard to climb up the hills because of the ice.

Once we got to the woods, Jaydon broke of a lot pieces of wood. Almost the whole rest of the class played baby. We slid down the steep hill because of the ice. It was really fun! But it was also very hard to not crash into other people. When Henry was going down, Kinslee hit him in the nose with her boot by mistake. Beatrice also bonked Ella in the nose with her boot by accident. Aisley tripped over a stick and banged her cheek on the ice. And when Beatrice was rolling down the hill, Ella pushed her into a log by mistake!

To get back up the hill we had to use our feet and our hands. Some people had a really hard time getting up. Many of us had a walking stick to help. We could also grab the sticks and trees around us to get up.

Some people tried going on the big log with all the ice on it. Olivia fell off it. Henry and Malaky tried it and got halfway across.img_6194

Hugh found that the river was full of mud and water! Josie thought it was really fun to play in. She and Aisley, Hugh, Kinslee, Beatrice, Henry, and Olivia all walked in it! We learned that if we sit in the river with snow pants on, the water and mud could soak through.


For a surprise, Aisley’s mom made us strawberry blueberry muffins for snack today! They were not just good, but awesome! They were so sweet. And Ms. Atkins made us tea with honey. It was a little too strong because she put in five tea bags. 😦 Next time she will only put in three.

img_6206We loved our third Forest Friday!

Love, Ms. Atkins’ Class

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