A Birthday Circle, Lunch Outside, and Guests!

It was a warm day today, but it was windy! It was 37 degrees at Morning Meeting. The woods were really different today. There was a little ice on the hill but the rest of the ice and snow had melted. There was only snow in the valley down by the river. There was no snow up at our fire circle.

On our hike today we saw deer scat:img_6219

Today Henry’s dad and Mollie’s grandma joined us. Henry’s dad Allen tended the fire for us. He also helped put the fire out by putting snow on it. The grown-ups thought it might be hard to start a fire because of the wind, but the wind actually helped the fire!


Henry’s dad Allen helped tend our fire for us.

Our other guest was Mollie’s grandma, Carol. She came down the hill to check on everyone with Ms. Atkins. She sat next to Mollie and Malaky for lunch. She called Malaky a chair because she and Malaky were leaning against each other.

Ms. Burns was also there, as always. She helped us gather wood like beaver sticks. (A beaver stick is the fattest kind of stick.) Ms. Burns also helped us gather our trash. She wanted to keep our woods clean!

We had a fire today. The smoke came out everywhere. The smoke was mostly because a lot of the wood was wet. When we put dry wood on, there was less smoke! The wind was blowing the smoke into our eyes. Josie hid in her coat to get away from the smoke. Reuben and a lot of other kids moved to a new seat. Beatrice sat sideways. Alexis and Ella covered their faces.  Henry just ran away!

We played in all of our places today: down on the log, in the river, and up on top of the hill. Reuben, Aisley, Kinslee, and Malaky played ship down on the big log. There was a baby on the ship and that was Olivia! A lot of other friends played Baby again.



We discovered that the river had water flowing in it again. It was deep. Josie, Hugh, and Kinslee explored really far away. They found a few more waterfalls. They got wet.

It was also Mollie’s birthday today. We had her birthday circle outside. She brought cookies for us to share. She wore the birthday cape too.


Mollie played all day in the woods wearing her birthday cape!

Because it was so warm, we could eat lunch outside today. We could take off both our mittens. Allen and Ms. Atkins kept the fire going while we had lunch.


We love our Forest Fridays. We can’t wait to go into the woods again!

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