A New Camouflage Game!

In the woods today, the weather was 32 degrees and it warmed up even more. We didn’t have to wear our hats! The wind was not moving at all. It was very quiet. There are still no leaves on the trees. Some of the snow has melted!

We did not have Ms. Burns today because she was sick. That meant we had to work harder than usual to take care of each other. One thing we did was helping each other over the bridge. When Ella fell down, Henry helped her up.

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On our hike we found grouse tracks. A grouse is a type of bird. Reuben’s dad hunts grouse.img_6273

At Morning Meeting Mrs. Fournier came to visit. The Kindergartners are better at saying our January poem than Ms. Atkins!


From the book “Be Blest” by Mary Beth Owens.

After Morning Meeting we played the game Camouflage. There were snowshoe hares and an owl. The owl was trying to find the snowshoe hares, but it could only move one step. If the owl found a snowshoe hare, the snowshoe hare would have to come sit with the owl. If you were a snowshoe hare, you had to camouflage and you had to be able to see the owl! We learned that snowshoe hares turn white in the winter to camouflage.


Beatrice being the Owl.


Can you find Olivia?


Josie in her hiding spot.

During the game, Mrs. Fournier protected Henry when he was hiding in the backpacks. Kinslee put more backpacks on top of Henry too, so he could hide better. A lot of kids hid behind trees. Ella and Mollie hid in the pucklebrushes and Ms. Atkins could not find them! Behind the firewood tarp was also a good place to hide. Reuben discovered a spot under some of the boards in the fire circle. Josie hid behind the other pile of sticks.

Even though we didn’t have a fire today, it was warm enough that we had a good lunch outside. We hope Ms. Burns is better next week!

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