“Family Forest Friday”

Henry thought of a funny idea today. He said that instead of “Forest Fridays” we should call our them “Family Fridays” because so many family members come visit.

It was very slippery walking to the woods! We had to slide sometimes. We could hardly get over the field and kept sliding down the hill into the brush.img_6312img_6313img_6315

Some of us used walking sticks!


In the woods, the wind felt cold. Last time, it wasn’t that windy. But today it was pretty warm: 45 degrees at Morning Meeting. It was sunny. It was so icy that could slide down the hills really easily.

We had three guests that joined us today. Reuben’s dad Reeve and his grandpa Frank came out to tend our fire. They had to collect wood for the fire. Hugh, Reuben, Olivia, Malaky, Jaydon, and Aisley helped collect firewood too. Hugh was getting sap from a tree with a pointy stick (a balsam fir). The sap came from the little bumps on the tree. It helped the fire go really well.

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Mollie’s grandma came too. She played Camouflage with us. She was moving slowly because of the ice and got caught by the Owl!


Today was Alexis’s Birthday Circle! She is turning six tomorrow. She got to walk around the sun six times. She gave us cookies.

Today we noticed a lot of things in nature. Malaky heard some chickadees on our walk. Henry found a tiny, tiny track in the snow. Jaydon wrecked it, but Ms. Burns got a picture of a different track that was the same thing.

Hugh found a tiny animal that blended into the sap tree. Reuben’s grandpa didn’t even know what it was called. Hugh knew it was some kind of insect.

Henry and Alexis found deer tracks on the way to the woods. Most people got to see them. Deer tracks have two parts to them with a line down the middle.


Down in the river, the mud was so sticky. Ella almost got stuck. It was awesome until we had to get out. Ella, Malaky, Kinslee, and Hugh got pretty soaked.

All the things we played were: Sliding down the big steep hill, finding sap trees, getting sticks for the fire, playing Nature Girls, playing ship on the big log, playing bears in a cave, and playing Camouflage.img_6326img_6325

We had a great day in the warm, windy woods!

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