Snow at Last!

It was so hard to get the woods because of all the snow today. Ms. Atkins and Carol had snowshoes and they helped tromp down the snow. But everyone still kept sinking in.

It was 35 degrees in the woods. It was a little bit windy and very sunny. The fire circle was completely covered in snow. We couldn’t even see the rocks. But then, the fire melted the snow and we saw the rocks!

Carol tended our fire for us even though Mollie was home sick.img_6393

It was so exciting to finally have lots of snow in our woods to play in. Aisley pretended that she and Alexis were pregnant. Then they had the babies who were Olivia and Ella. Reuben played foxes with Josie. Hugh was the snake and he poked his eye with a stick. Henry, Jaydon, and Malaky were the bears. Malaky was the baby bear, Henry was the daddy bear, and Jaydon was the mother bear. They had a bear cave that they found under the trees.


Bears in the bear cave (Malaky is down there too!).

Jaydon and Josie played a game called Little Cutie. They made Little Cuties and then killed them. A Little Cutie is when you take a cup and fill it with snow and then dump it out. The snow turns into a big tower.



A new climbing log at the bottom of the hill.

Ms. Burns also helped us measure the snow with a yardstick. When we remembered to measure starting at the end with the 1, we got about 14 inches of snow in the field. img_6376

We didn’t have time to write much because today was such a busy day. It was also our 100th of School Day Celebration! We had a museum in our classroom and the whole school as well as many parents came to see all of our 100 Day Projects.

And now it’s vacation. Happy February Vacation everyone, I hope with lots of playing in this beautiful snow!



As we walked back, Carol wrote smiles and hearts in the snow to encourage us on our trail. The hiking was HARD today, but we did it!

So Cold the Thermometer Broke

Today was so short and so busy that we didn’t have time to write a blog as a class. So this is Ms. Atkins here, filling in for the kids.

We started off the day with Mollie’s grandma Carol who brought us “Frosty the Snowman” and her guitar. That song has a lot of words! But next time she comes we’ll act it out and keep learning them.

Because of the late start and the cold we couldn’t do our usual Forest Friday. But we had to go check out the woods with the new snow and to find out what temperature it was. Some friends helped me remember to check out thermometer outside our classroom before we left. It said 10 degrees. Our guesses for the woods were 0 degrees, 10 degrees, 11 degrees, and 31 degrees.

The snow was beautiful, powdery, and not too deep for walking. It is such a treat to finally have some good powder!

Everyone had balaclavas, neck warmers, or carefully wrapped scarves to keep their faces warm. Though the sun was warm, the wind felt raw on our faces.


We walked through the field to save time. On the way, we couldn’t help but run around and dive into the snow with joy, and I even started making a snow angel. Soon everyone had their own snow angel!


Our fire pit was buried under all the snow, but was quickly uncovered with many hands helping.


And then, when we went to check the temperature, we discovered that the thermometer had broken! It read -15 but I knew it couldn’t be that cold. Some kids asked, “Did it break because it was too cold?” I don’t think so, since it goes down to -40 and it was definitely not that cold last night. I will just have to take it back to the store and get my money back.



All in all, it was a fine expedition with a hardy group of explorers. I feel so lucky to be the teacher of these Kindergarteners! We are all looking forward to our next adventure.


The sun was almost blinding us today! 

The Iciest Forest Day

It was 31 degrees in the woods today. It was not windy and it was sunny so it felt warmer than usual. Most of the snow has melted from the top of the hill. But in the valley there was a lot of snow. It was really icy again in the woods.

Last week, no one was very cold. But this week, Reuben had cold feet so we had to walk inside quickly at the end of the morning. Everyone had cold hands when we were eating lunch (except Ms. Atkins). Ms. Burns put on her wool gloves and that helped.

Mr. Lajoie joined us in the woods today. He tended our fire. He also came before we went outside and watched us write. We write our Forest Plans every morning. They are  what we want to do in the woods. (Sadly, Ms. Atkins forgot to get a picture of him! You will have to trust us that he was there.)

On the way to our woods we found fox tracks in the field. We followed them! They brought us to a different part of the woods, but we didn’t go down there because it wasn’t going to our woods.

On the hike, Ella and Mollie played Nature Girls. This means that they have to try something even if it’s hard. If it’s too hard, they try the easier way.

It was probably the iciest day yet on our hills. Underneath about one inch of snow was the ice. Ella slid down the hill and she tried to get back up, but it was so hard to get up. Every time she tried, she kept sliding down. She finally got up by holding the little branches and she went where there were more little trees. She cried a little, but she made it in the end.



Ella used all of her Persistence Power to get up the icy hill.

Josie and Alexis used the foot holes in the ice to get up. Josie listened to Mollie’s advice on how to get up. Henry used a walking stick to get up the hill. Kinslee climbed up by holding branches too. Olivia used her hook stick and her walking stick as tools to get up. Reuben stuck his walking stick in the mud so the end was sticky and he could get up. Nobody gave up! Lots of kids called out, “I will never give up!” and “I think I can, I think I can,” like the Little Engine That Could. It reminded us of Persistence Power in Reading!

We found a gall, which is a small ball thing on a stick. Inside was a bug called a grub. We learned that a gall is where a wasp lays its egg in a plant. The plant grows around the egg to make the gall. The egg grows into a grub and then into another wasp.


The grub was really tiny.


Putting the grub in a new home.

We played all kinds of things today. First we played a game that was like Camouflage. It was called Sleeping Hare. To play, you camouflage into the ground and stay still. You pretend you are white like the ground. Ms. Atkins was the coyote who catches snowshoe hares. She walked around and tried to find the hares. To not get caught you had to be quiet and very still. Alexis and Mollie were so still they fell asleep! Ms. Atkins sniffed all over Ella, but she couldn’t find her, because Ella was as still as a rock. Rueben was laying down and it looked like it was pine needles but it was just his hood. Kindergarteners make good snowshoe hares!


Reuben pretending to be a sleeping snowshoe hare. 

Kinslee, Aisley, Jaydon, and Henry were jumping on a new log they discovered. They were riding it like a horse. They climbed on it too.

Jaydon fell on the bouncy log and he got a cut on his cheek. But he was really brave to make it up the hill even when he was bleeding. He got a bandaid.

Mollie and Ella’s game Nature Girls makes Ms. Atkins think that everyone is a Nature Kid. What do we have to say about that? Olivia: “Everybody made it back for snack.” Yup. We all made it back after a very icy & challenging day.