Snow at Last!

It was so hard to get the woods because of all the snow today. Ms. Atkins and Carol had snowshoes and they helped tromp down the snow. But everyone still kept sinking in.

It was 35 degrees in the woods. It was a little bit windy and very sunny. The fire circle was completely covered in snow. We couldn’t even see the rocks. But then, the fire melted the snow and we saw the rocks!

Carol tended our fire for us even though Mollie was home sick.img_6393

It was so exciting to finally have lots of snow in our woods to play in. Aisley pretended that she and Alexis were pregnant. Then they had the babies who were Olivia and Ella. Reuben played foxes with Josie. Hugh was the snake and he poked his eye with a stick. Henry, Jaydon, and Malaky were the bears. Malaky was the baby bear, Henry was the daddy bear, and Jaydon was the mother bear. They had a bear cave that they found under the trees.


Bears in the bear cave (Malaky is down there too!).

Jaydon and Josie played a game called Little Cutie. They made Little Cuties and then killed them. A Little Cutie is when you take a cup and fill it with snow and then dump it out. The snow turns into a big tower.



A new climbing log at the bottom of the hill.

Ms. Burns also helped us measure the snow with a yardstick. When we remembered to measure starting at the end with the 1, we got about 14 inches of snow in the field. img_6376

We didn’t have time to write much because today was such a busy day. It was also our 100th of School Day Celebration! We had a museum in our classroom and the whole school as well as many parents came to see all of our 100 Day Projects.

And now it’s vacation. Happy February Vacation everyone, I hope with lots of playing in this beautiful snow!



As we walked back, Carol wrote smiles and hearts in the snow to encourage us on our trail. The hiking was HARD today, but we did it!

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