A Chilly, Tree-Climbing, Sliding Day

It was very cold in the woods today.  It was 24 degrees. The clouds were white and gray and they covered the whole sky, but they were thin. The sun was still bright. It was windy.


Using walking sticks on our hike.

Many of us noticed that there was less snow on the ground. Josie thinks it’s because it’s almost spring. Aisley thinks it’s because the snow all melted.


Our mud hole from the fall is all frozen.

Our guests were Carol and Mr. Seth. They both made the fire. Josie and Hugh helped get some wood. Mr. Seth helped us put out the fire too. He used his two water bottles because there was not much snow up in the woods..

On our hike, Beatrice noticed long sticks that were very fuzzy. Ella thinks they were cattails. Beatrice says they were longer than cattails. Olivia says they remind her of a panther’s tail. Maybe we could call them “fuzzy branches.” They might have been the ones that got down Ella’s back under her coat! They were prickly.

Olivia found some pine cones and she played with them. Jaydon found a tiny pinecone but he thought it might be a zombie egg. He thinks it might grow big and something could come out of it, like a spider. It might be an egg in real life.

We also found another deer track! It looked like a baby deer track because it was so little.

Jaydon played zombies in the woods. He does this by putting out his hands out and making zombie noises. Aisley, Alexis, and Hugh were trying to find a home. Reuben played Babies with Mollie, Ella, Kinslee, Alexis, and Aisley. There were three babies and the rest were Moms and Dads who take care of the babies. Malaky played that he was the kitty cat and Olivia was the coyote.

The sliding hill was really slippery today and Kinslee, Malaky, Jaydon, Henry, and Josie went down a new part of it.

(Ms. Atkins takes over here, since we ran out of time…)

Hugh also discovered a new tree to climb. It was a big white pine near the fire circle. While we were playing Sleeping Hare, he climbed up and stayed perfectly still! When I was being the coyote, sniffing around and looking for hares that were moving, he didn’t move a muscle. I even pretended to try and climb up in the tree with him, using his arms and legs for handholds. Later, many other kids tried the tree too. The kindergarteners are working on remembering to ask an adult if they can climb, so that the adults’ eyes can be on them for safety.


Hugh hiding, being very still, in his tree.


“Where are those snowshoe hares?” I just CANNOT find them!

When we play this game, Sleeping Hare, everybody is so good at staying motionless, either standing like a tree or curled up in a ball on the ground. It shows how comfortable they are in the woods these days. Mollie said that she was “just taking a nap!”


Reuben and Malaky playing Sleeping Hare.


Beatrice playing Sleeping Hare, being… a tree… (and can you find Alexis?)

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