Finding Our Sit Spots

It was 26 degrees in the woods today. It was very cloudy. The whole sky was clouds. There wasn’t much wind so it did not feel that cold. It was so quiet that we could hear the highway.


These Forest Kids are getting to be such strong hikers. They even carried water jugs the whole way so we could use them to put out our fire.

Mollie’s Grandma Carol met us in the woods. She helped us make the fire. Miss Eve was our other guest. She was really nice and she was Mrs. Fournier’s friend.

Today we got our Sit Spots for the first time. A Sit Spot is a place where we sit and play with some things (sticks, leaves, pine cones). Then when Ms. Atkins says, “Ca-caw, ca-caw!” we sit still and listen for sounds. Some kids close their eyes. Then when Ms. Atkins says the sound again, we can come out.

Our Sit Spots are about 20 feet apart and they are small. Some of us leaned against trees.

Reuben, Kinslee, Beatrice, Malaky, and Olivia made forts in their Sit Spots.

Ella’s spot was a fort that was already there. There was also a tree that she could lean her back against. There were lots of pine needles and sticks.

Josie’s Sit Spot is big log with a stick that can wiggle but it is still attached. She doesn’t know how to get it off. She jumps on it.

Jaydon brought some sticks to his Sit Spot. But he lost them so he needs to get some new ones so he can protect himself.

Kinslee’s Sit Spot was really comfortable.

Aisley was digging a hole in her Sit Spot with Alexis and Hugh and they found some dried up clay.


Aisley digging in her Sit Spot

Mollie’s Sit Spot felt like a bed. She and Ella were pretending they had bunk beds for their Sit Spots.

Henry’s Sit Spot was a J-tree that was attached to a Y. He sat on the curvy part of the J. This tiny stick was next to his J and my Y and he used it to play a game.

Olivia’s Sit Spot is decorated, but she is not finished with the decorating. She’ll tell us more when we go back next time.

Here is a list of some of our nature observations:

  • Malaky saw some pussy willows on our walk
  • Josie noticed some broken sticks in her Sit Spot
  • Aisley found a gall
  • Olivia found some fluffy lichen and a leaf she calls “deer grass”
  • Ms. Atkins found deer tracks
  • Alexis found crow tracks
  • Ella found a black feather
  • Jaydon found a stick that is shaped like a bow and arrow
  • Malaky found an axe stick

Crow tracks! We saw the crow walking and then fly off.


The crow was eating these pieces of apple.


(I also want to add that today was a day especially full of kindness and helping. Friends helped each other with mittens and backpacks. Kinslee and Reuben worked together to get big sticks up to their fort building projects. And everyone is working hard to help people when they fall down on our hike, not getting front of someone in line, and not getting upset when other people run past you in line!)

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