Remembering our Friend Carol

Today in the woods, there was lots of snow on the ground. It was a little chilly. It was 32 degrees which is in between warm and cold. It was very still and not windy, which is always surprising on up our hill. The clouds were filling the whole sky. During our time, it also started snowing. The snowflakes were tiny.


It was hard for Ella to get out of the river, but Beatrice gave her a tip:”Put your foot on that stick!”

Reuben’s dad Reeve joined us in the woods today. He tended our fire. He also brought us chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for Reuben’s birthday circle. Hugh and Reuben were helping tend the fire, and they used the Morning Message which was made of paper for the tinder.


“Why does this fire have no smoke?” asked Josie. It was because the wood was dry. Sometimes we use wood that is damp and our fires are smokier.

Most of us found our Sit Spots without a problem, despite the new snow covering them up. Aisley and Alexis were looking for clay in Aisley’s Sit Spot but they couldn’t find any because there was too much snow. Alexis dug in her Sit Spot too and there was lots of dirt coming out. At Henry’s J and Y trees, he noticed a plant in front that looked like a baby Y. Josie noticed that the sticks were starting to die on her Sit Spot. They were getting more wiggly. She also found something that looked like it would be a lever but then it turned out to be a giant stick. Beatrice found a big stick that looked like a Y and she added it to her Sit Spot fort. (See kids in their Sit Spots below.)

After Sit Spots, Aisley found some tracks that she thought were from a wild cat. Then Hugh said they were turkey tracks. Ms. Atkins said that turkeys have three toes, but cats have four and they are round. Alexis, Aisley, Kinslee, and Hugh followed the tracks all the way down one hill and up another! They didn’t find the turkey though.


Turkey tracks!

Ella climbed up the big climbing tree again. Beatrice, Alexis, Mollie, Henry, Olivia, and Jaydon also climbed in that tree. Henry and Hugh found these sticks that looked like swords. They played over near another big tree that is Hugh’s Sit Spot. Beatrice played Pokemon with Olivia. Jaydon played Home with Henry and Olivia and Mollie and Ella. He was the lava brother person who shot lava at pretend bad guys. But he didn’t hurt his family.


The sad part of our Forest Friday was that Mollie’s grandma Carol died this week. She had been our Fire Tender many times. Today we got some pieces of nature that reminded us of what she did. Ms. Atkins made a memory box for Carol and we could put everything she used to love in the memory box. And we made pictures to put in there too. We are sad that Carol is not part of our Forest Fridays anymore, but she will be alive in our hearts forever.


Carol’s Memory Box


A drawing Carol did of Hugh the day he discovered the big climbing tree. She loved being  a part of our Forest Fridays as much as we loved her.

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