Pancake Day!

Today I told the Kindergarteners that our days of blogging all together are over… because they are becoming such good writers that I am going to put their own writing up on the blog!

Every day before Forest Friday, each student makes a Forest Plan. This is what they want to play, see, or discover in the woods that day.


Josie wrote, “I want to see two flowers. Where the trees grow.” She added in a detail to explain where she would look for the flowers.



Beatrice wrote, “I hope to see a spider. I will try to find a spider in a tree.” Her words clearly match her picture.


Jaydon: “I see fire. I see pancakes.” He used the word wall to spell snap words.

We sure enjoyed our Pancake Day to celebrate maple syrup and spring. Mr. Johnson brought us syrup that he made from the sap in the cemetery. And my teacher friend Miss Kimberly kindly came and flipped pancakes for us, on a fire made by Mr. Seth! It was a team effort, and the results were delicious campfire pancakes.


What a busy day. Good thing it’s vacation, because we’re all going to need a long nap!


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