Another Forest Friday in May


Our walk started out with going by the garden where Mrs. G was working. Earlier this week we planted a pear tree, a variety called sickle pear with especially tiny and sweet fruits. The idea is that by the time these Kindergarteners are in fifth grade, they will be able to eat the fruits from their pear tree! Thank you, Mrs. G for the great idea and helping us do this!


Our trees leaves are so big! Some kids’ trees have been slow to sprout, but even those ones’ buds are green and swelling now.


Mollie’s dad, and Carol’s son, John, joined us today in the woods. Of course he fit right in!


Grandpa Frank has become a regular at Forest Friday! And he always comes prepared with a bucket of firewood, even though we didn’t make a fire today. Hugh especially loves to show him all of his nature discoveries.


Kinslee with two slugs at her Sit Spot. She found one that she decided must be pregnant based on how fat it looked.


Jaydon doing some gardening with his hoe in his Sit Spot.


Josie surfing on the bouncy part of her Sit Spot log.


Today we ventured down the stream, closer to the wetland than we have ever been. It was so green and smelled so fresh! We found many different kinds of fiddleheads, spiders, and new kinds of plants. Of course, the mud was delicious. Actually it was chocolate milk.


Could you find a better place to sit down for a chat?

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