The Green, Green Forest

Another beautiful May day in the woods. So far, the bugs don’t seem too bad where we are. It is amazing how much cooler it is in the shady woods than on that hot playground.


Kinslee wrote: “I hope to see a worm.” She spelled our snap words right and labeled the worms in her picture.


Olivia was thinking about her tree, which I told her last time is a cherry tree: “I want to see cherries and a cherry tree.” Her picture clearly matches her words and she stretched out hard words like “cherry.” Got that digraph– “ch”!

On our walk, kids were exclaiming, “There is so much green!” and “It looks like a forest!” Everything is really bursting out in full greenery. Including our trees! Even the ash trees (see Kinslee’s and Alexis’s) that take much longer to leaf out. We had to be patient for those trees.


Grandpa Frank joined us in the woods and took the kids down to the stream for some mud jumping. Notice how far away he had to stand to not be splashed!


Kindergarteners can sure get some air! They didn’t seem to mind getting splashed by each other, and they did a great job waiting in line.


Aisley and Hugh showed that it is possible to climb trees that don’t have branches.


Henry and Malaky in our climbing pine (they look farther up than they are, I promise).


Alexis and Ella spent a long time working in their garden. They were planting things like spinach and berries.

Stay tuned for some more writing pieces soon! We are circling back to story writing for the rest of the year, and I’m sure Forest Friday adventures will come up in our writing.

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