The Rainy Woods

A misting rainy day in the woods today, but we were warm with wool socks, raincoats, hats, and mittens. A little rain doesn’t stop these Nature Kids! And it has really helped the plants explode with green and brought out more slugs and worms than we could carry.


Rain doesn’t stop us from having fun in the woods!


Big smile from Josie (and check out the Grundens raincoats Olivia and Beatrice are wearing. That was the last of our grant money from the fall.)


Yup we sure love getting out in the woods.


“Umm, Malaky, what are you doing?” “Napping on the napping hill, of course!”


Lunch is harder when it’s raining because we all have to squeeze into the fire circle under the tarp. But the Forest Kids’ lunch manners have improved so much since the beginning of the year and lunch is really a pleasant endeavor these days. Fire thanks to Hugh and Grandpa Frank.


It was Olivia’s birthday circle today and we were happy to have her mom and grandma join us in the woods. Mom brought her a golden umbrella to match her golden jacket and birthday cape (can you see the rainbow ties around her neck?)


Mollie and Josie playing on some new logs. They are mermaids!


We love these new logs. And, “We love Forest Fridays!” 


Last but certainly not least, today was our celebration of our dear friend Hugh. He is moving tomorrow to live in Florida, and we are going to miss him immensely. Today I think he was too busy playing and hanging out with Grandpa Frank for me to get a picture of him, but this is one of my favorites of him from this year. He is using a baby tree to pull himself out of the snowy ravine. We made a book with memories and wishes for Hugh and gave it to him today. We know he will love all of the snakes, sharks, and shells down in Florida. We love you Hugh!


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