Last Forest Friday

Today was our last Forest Friday of the year. Hot and sunny, but still, not many bugs. We did find lots of spiders.  It was also Jaydon’s birthday circle, and his mom and dad came out to join us.


Look how big these Forest Kids are. They look ready for summer and then, first grade!


The Forest Kids know to wait at the edge of the forest for me. And don’t go in front of the helper! Today the helper was Olivia.


On our hike we found cherries at last! This isn’t Olivia’s tree, but she has been looking for them on her tree ever since she found out it was a cherry tree. These ones are not ripe yet.


On our hike Kinslee, Aisley, Alexis, and Ella also found these nuts everywhere. They were also not ripe, and very hard.


Sit Spot time (Olivia)




Mollie starting a new fairy house in her Sit Spot.


Aisley made a bench in her Sit Spot. I guess it made a good bed too!


Jaydon found a few tiny pieces of eggshell on the ground. We looked all around for where they had come from, but couldn’t find a nest. It must have been way up high, he told me. I realized that I’d also found a few gray feathers nearby earlier. Had some kind of predator eaten both bird and eggs?


We learned about making fairy houses today too.



We found quite a few of these caterpillars today (especially Kinslee, our animal-finding expert). They are not browntails and don’t give you a rash, but I mistakenly called them gypsy moths. In fact they are tent caterpillars, which I have also never heard of giving anyone a rash. However, we still didn’t hold the caterpillars. It was hard because they are so fun to watch.


Down the hill, many miners were hard at work today. Aisley and Reuben were mining for bones.


Jaydon, Malaky, and Henry were mining for zombies.

I asked the Nature Kids what I should write in our last blog post, and, in addition to everything above, Josie summed it up nicely: “Say that we had fun and that we hope you have fun in our woods too.” Yes. As we move into summer, please bring your children to the woods to play with friends and siblings. It has been a phenomenal year playing and growing together, and it doesn’t have to stop now that Kindergarten is over.

Happy Summer!

Thank You Families!

Could the woods be any more lush? They seem to be getting greener and greener. Another cool Forest Day, with sprinkles of rain during lunch. Today parents and grandparents joined us out in the woods for our Forest Celebration. They hiked through the ravines and over the streams, passed around the leaf to say good morning, sat with us in our Sit Spots, and saw what kind of climbing, exploring, and playing we do every week.

Thanks to those of you who came out! And thank you to all of you who have been so flexible and supportive during this whole year of Forest Fridays. The gear, the backpack packing, the smoky, dirty, tired kids on Friday afternoon… We appreciate all that you’ve done to help make these days successful.


Remember when this ravine used to be so hard for us? 


Alexis’s mom showed her how to make a little house from sticks.


Aisley’s Grammy and Bumpa with her in her Sit Spot.


Beatrice’s dad and grandma with her in her Sit Spot– they must have seen something!


Josie way up in the tree.

More Birthdays (and Babies!)

A beautifully green, cool June day in the woods. No bugs! We were lucky enough to be joined by Mollie’s mom, Miss Corie, who used to run her own outdoor Kindergarten. It was also Malaky and Henry’s birthday circle. Henry’s mom and dad came with treats for us. They brought baby Molly, Mrs. Mackenzie’s daughter. It is great to have visitors of all ages out in the woods!


We found lots of buttercups again, but Reuben found a different kind of plant. He thought it might become a dandelion because that’s what the bud looked like when he took it apart.


Ella and Henry discovered that our mud hole has orange stuff in it. Weird!


Olivia’s stick helped her cross the ravine. She is showing me the spiky parts on the bottom that dug into the bank of the ravine.


“The seed of a dandelion is a little piece of fluff. It dances on the summer breeze and settles in the duff. It seems so small and fragile, but man oh man it’s tough. I love my dandelions, I just can’t get enough!” from Annie Nixon’s song “I Love My Dandelions” which has become a class favorite.


Alexis, Kinslee, and Ella followed the stream all the way to its source!


Then they went up the other stream that joins. They found a big piece of metal and a hole in a tree. I think we will have to take the whole class up these streams to explore!


Olivia wanted to sit by herself in the stream, but Beatrice wanted to play. After I took this picture, Olivia went downstream to find a new place where she could be alone.


Reuben and Miss Corie were moving rocks so the stream would flow better.


Jaydon found a curved stick (I think it was a root) that is like a bow and arrow!


Which one is too small to be a Kindergartner? We also found out she likes to steal fruit from us! Thanks for letting us share Molly, Mrs. Mackenzie!



June brings roly-polies, buttercups, and black flies

It was a beautiful, warm day in the woods today. We celebrated Ella’s birthday and her whole family came to join us! Owen and Noah, her adorable 16-month old brothers were a big hit. We found more black flies in the woods this time than yet this spring, but Ms. Burns was smart enough to make a fire. It drove them away and no one complained about the smoke!


Josie’s “G-Ma” Mary / Mrs. Cunningham joined us today in the woods. She was lots of fun and we determined that she in fact DOES like butter.


The buttercups were out for the first time today! I think we all love butter.


The trees leaves are still getting bigger. Kinslee reminded me to check Hugh’s tree today– thinking of our friend!


Aisley’s Forest Plan was to find some acorns. She did and even found one that was sprouting. Also, check out her missing tooth!


Jaydon in his Sit Spot, but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture without him noticing me. Check out all the lily of the valley flowers surrounding him.


A new discovery for us today was a lot of pill bugs (also known as roly-polies). We found them when we looked under logs.


Laughter in the woods is just the best! You can be as loud and silly as you want. (Kinslee was singing a silly song here, making Mollie and Reuben laugh over and over again.)