June brings roly-polies, buttercups, and black flies

It was a beautiful, warm day in the woods today. We celebrated Ella’s birthday and her whole family came to join us! Owen and Noah, her adorable 16-month old brothers were a big hit. We found more black flies in the woods this time than yet this spring, but Ms. Burns was smart enough to make a fire. It drove them away and no one complained about the smoke!


Josie’s “G-Ma” Mary / Mrs. Cunningham joined us today in the woods. She was lots of fun and we determined that she in fact DOES like butter.


The buttercups were out for the first time today! I think we all love butter.


The trees leaves are still getting bigger. Kinslee reminded me to check Hugh’s tree today– thinking of our friend!


Aisley’s Forest Plan was to find some acorns. She did and even found one that was sprouting. Also, check out her missing tooth!


Jaydon in his Sit Spot, but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture without him noticing me. Check out all the lily of the valley flowers surrounding him.


A new discovery for us today was a lot of pill bugs (also known as roly-polies). We found them when we looked under logs.


Laughter in the woods is just the best! You can be as loud and silly as you want. (Kinslee was singing a silly song here, making Mollie and Reuben laugh over and over again.)

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