More Birthdays (and Babies!)

A beautifully green, cool June day in the woods. No bugs! We were lucky enough to be joined by Mollie’s mom, Miss Corie, who used to run her own outdoor Kindergarten. It was also Malaky and Henry’s birthday circle. Henry’s mom and dad came with treats for us. They brought baby Molly, Mrs. Mackenzie’s daughter. It is great to have visitors of all ages out in the woods!


We found lots of buttercups again, but Reuben found a different kind of plant. He thought it might become a dandelion because that’s what the bud looked like when he took it apart.


Ella and Henry discovered that our mud hole has orange stuff in it. Weird!


Olivia’s stick helped her cross the ravine. She is showing me the spiky parts on the bottom that dug into the bank of the ravine.


“The seed of a dandelion is a little piece of fluff. It dances on the summer breeze and settles in the duff. It seems so small and fragile, but man oh man it’s tough. I love my dandelions, I just can’t get enough!” from Annie Nixon’s song “I Love My Dandelions” which has become a class favorite.


Alexis, Kinslee, and Ella followed the stream all the way to its source!


Then they went up the other stream that joins. They found a big piece of metal and a hole in a tree. I think we will have to take the whole class up these streams to explore!


Olivia wanted to sit by herself in the stream, but Beatrice wanted to play. After I took this picture, Olivia went downstream to find a new place where she could be alone.


Reuben and Miss Corie were moving rocks so the stream would flow better.


Jaydon found a curved stick (I think it was a root) that is like a bow and arrow!


Which one is too small to be a Kindergartner? We also found out she likes to steal fruit from us! Thanks for letting us share Molly, Mrs. Mackenzie!



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