Thank You Families!

Could the woods be any more lush? They seem to be getting greener and greener. Another cool Forest Day, with sprinkles of rain during lunch. Today parents and grandparents joined us out in the woods for our Forest Celebration. They hiked through the ravines and over the streams, passed around the leaf to say good morning, sat with us in our Sit Spots, and saw what kind of climbing, exploring, and playing we do every week.

Thanks to those of you who came out! And thank you to all of you who have been so flexible and supportive during this whole year of Forest Fridays. The gear, the backpack packing, the smoky, dirty, tired kids on Friday afternoon… We appreciate all that you’ve done to help make these days successful.


Remember when this ravine used to be so hard for us? 


Alexis’s mom showed her how to make a little house from sticks.


Aisley’s Grammy and Bumpa with her in her Sit Spot.


Beatrice’s dad and grandma with her in her Sit Spot– they must have seen something!


Josie way up in the tree.

One thought on “Thank You Families!

  1. Thank YOU, Ms. Atkins for your incredible spirit and energy to show the joy of outdoor learning (and how that translates to classroom learning and vice versa!) to these children. It has been a blessing for Mollie to have had this kindergarten year – and one our family will remember forever.
    My best,
    John Scribner


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