Last Forest Friday

Today was our last Forest Friday of the year. Hot and sunny, but still, not many bugs. We did find lots of spiders.  It was also Jaydon’s birthday circle, and his mom and dad came out to join us.


Look how big these Forest Kids are. They look ready for summer and then, first grade!


The Forest Kids know to wait at the edge of the forest for me. And don’t go in front of the helper! Today the helper was Olivia.


On our hike we found cherries at last! This isn’t Olivia’s tree, but she has been looking for them on her tree ever since she found out it was a cherry tree. These ones are not ripe yet.


On our hike Kinslee, Aisley, Alexis, and Ella also found these nuts everywhere. They were also not ripe, and very hard.


Sit Spot time (Olivia)




Mollie starting a new fairy house in her Sit Spot.


Aisley made a bench in her Sit Spot. I guess it made a good bed too!


Jaydon found a few tiny pieces of eggshell on the ground. We looked all around for where they had come from, but couldn’t find a nest. It must have been way up high, he told me. I realized that I’d also found a few gray feathers nearby earlier. Had some kind of predator eaten both bird and eggs?


We learned about making fairy houses today too.



We found quite a few of these caterpillars today (especially Kinslee, our animal-finding expert). They are not browntails and don’t give you a rash, but I mistakenly called them gypsy moths. In fact they are tent caterpillars, which I have also never heard of giving anyone a rash. However, we still didn’t hold the caterpillars. It was hard because they are so fun to watch.


Down the hill, many miners were hard at work today. Aisley and Reuben were mining for bones.


Jaydon, Malaky, and Henry were mining for zombies.

I asked the Nature Kids what I should write in our last blog post, and, in addition to everything above, Josie summed it up nicely: “Say that we had fun and that we hope you have fun in our woods too.” Yes. As we move into summer, please bring your children to the woods to play with friends and siblings. It has been a phenomenal year playing and growing together, and it doesn’t have to stop now that Kindergarten is over.

Happy Summer!

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