Writing About the Woods

This is some of the writing we did together about our Forest Monday. We are working on labeling things in writing workshop. The Kindergarteners figure out what sound a word or name starts with and then come up with the letter. I write the rest of the word. We then thought of a few different sentences that could go with the picture, and chose one to write.IMG_20170926_110930454.jpg

Stay tuned for more of our writing!

Muddy Monday

We did a full afternoon in the woods today, and boy were we exhausted! We learned how to put on Grundens, then trekked out to the woods (gathering apples on the way), ravenously ate lunch, and then played, played, played. We learned about tree climbing safely, the outhouse, and explored farther afield, making many new discoveries. We read Over in the Meadow and practiced counting to ten and then found groups of nature objects in ones, twos, and threes– like sticks, pine cones, leaves, and berries.

It is harder to take pictures when it is just me outside, so bear with the sparer blog postings until I get some volunteers out with me!


Wet spiderwebs in the field on the way to the woods.


Gregory discovered a great way to get down the big hill!


And of course we discovered the mud. The area was lush with ferns and had just enough water in the stream to jump over. Good thing for those Grundens! Here is Isla and Ainsley.


We also found the big log and everybody took a turn crawling or walking across it. Here is Isaiah, Gregory, and Henry.

First Forest Monday!

A new class of Kindergarteners turned into mighty woods explorers today! We hiked all the way out to the woods, found the fire circle and tarp, and played together. We learned about how to play safely with sticks, found lots of worms, and used saplings as “bouncy trees.” We can’t wait for next week.


Henry found a golf ball on our hike, then found a great stick shaped like a golf club, and was practicing his putting.


Looking for worms.