Our Fort Book

Check out the book we wrote about the fort we made last week. Avery’s mom, Mrs. Johnson, came out to the woods with us and was a big help. We missed Forest Monday this week, but are looking forward to getting out there next week!

In writing workshop we have been working hard at writing true stories and teaching books since school started. Here are the steps we took to write this true story, and all the ones we write on our own:

  1. Think of something that happened or something we did
  2. Practice telling it like a storyteller
  3. Draw pictures with details
  4. Add labels
  5. Write a sentence that tells the story (we do that as a class, but we’re not there on our own yet)

And of course…. #6: Read it over and over again. We are writers!


Making Applesauce

We cut out and sewed apples and then wrote a story about our applesauce making adventure last week. This all came from discovering “Apple Hill” which is the first big hill on our hike. On the first Forest Mondays we noticed that the ground on this hill was completely covered with apples. We couldn’t help but to gather them!IMG_7361IMG_7362IMG_7363IMG_7364

This was also the week that we got to learn about making cider from Mr. Don Sanders. It tasted delicious too! A great year for apples.