Learning More about Fire and Climbing on Roots!

We had a great day in the woods today. The weather was sunny and chilly. It was 34 degrees. It was not that windy, so we could have a fire. We had a lot of guests in the woods. We are starting to have First Grade Forest Leaders from Mrs. Dwyer’s and Mrs. Mackenzie’s classes. Mr. Frank was our fire tender. And Ian’s parents and his baby brother Rowan came for his birthday circle.


Isaiah had a hook stick.


On our hike, Isaiah took a shortcut through a lot of brush.


During Sit Spots, Dakota was cutting the skin of his tree and found sap. We all tried poking the little bubbles to get sap out. We smelled it and Ms. Atkins said it was a balsam fir and it smelled like Christmas. Some of us even tasted it! It was bitter and strong.


Avery was poking the tree to get the sap out for the fire.


Isla was trying to climb to the top. Henry was yelling to his pretend squirrel pets, “Open up the door!” They were under the roots. They weren’t listening.


Sometimes you just gotta lie down in the woods and kick a bouncy tree.


Isla in the woods!


Avery, Henry, and Gregory discovered that you can climb to the top of the roots on the downed tree. They climbed up really high. Then other kids joined them. They were trying to cut the roots off.


Ian was being a tarantula that had poison (even though real tarantulas don’t!). Avery was the zookeeper. She was pretending the ferns were flies to feed to him.



Dakota was playing on the big log and breaking off a stick with one hand.


Paisley was sitting with Mr. Frank and eating her lunch.


Gabby and Alexis were our First Grades Forest Leaders. They were climbing a tree together. Gabby said this was her first time climbing a tree!

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