The Snowy Adventure

This was our first real snowy day in the woods! The second day with snow, as Dakota and Avery reminded us. The weather was cloudy at first, but then the sun came out. It was 34 degrees in the woods.

One of the most exciting things about today was the sheer number of tracks we found. Deer tracks were everywhere! We learned that they are shaped kind of like a heart and they have two toes.


Willow was playing spider and looking through a window.


Gregory was trying to shoot deer. 


Avery was making ice water for Gregory and Henry to drink when they got back from hunting. They were going to watch a movie. 


Avery is making the ice drink and Gregory and Henry are hunting.


Willow and Ian were playing spiders. Willow was the mom and Ian was the baby. 


Isla found a hole in the side of the stream and thought it was spiderwebs. On closer look it was ice crystals!


Isla was shaking a little tree to make it snow!


Willow and Ian found a place where a squirrel ate the seeds from a pine cone. There was also a hole where the squirrel might have gone in.


Dakota and Henry were making their snowman.


Paisley was trying to make a pillow on the tree so she could lay down in her Sit Spot.


This is Calliope and Beatrice. They were our first grade forest leaders. They were in their Sit Spots.


Dakota was making a ball for a snowman. It was huge when Gregory, Avery, and Henry helped to roll it up the hill.


Willow the hat she’d lost last week. It was frozen like a popsicle!



Ainsley was trying to pull up sticks in her Sit Spot. She learned about how you can tell dead branches from live ones. Live ones are hard to break and they have a little bit of green inside! 


Ian jumping across the ravine at his Sit Spot.


Gregory found deer scat on the trail of deer tracks we found!


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