Exploring Far and Wide

We went out for a shorter Forest Day today, and it felt too short! But the crusty snow and hard ice on the wetland meant we were able to explore much farther than usual down the wetland. Mr. Frank came out and tended our fire and Avery’s mom, Mrs. Johnson, also came out to help. It was about 25 degrees in the woods, overcast, and very still. We heard a far-off crow, chickadees, and nuthatches. After a few weeks away from the woods, everyone was very glad to be back!


We saw lots of deer tracks today. 


Avery and Dakota playing hockey on the frozen wetland. They used a piece of ice for a puck.


We climbed on a big pine that fell in our October storm. It was hard to climb with all the needles everywhere.


Here is the big downed pine.


Dakota found a hold in the ice and made big enough for him to sit in.


Isaiah was practicing his karate chopping.


Willow and Ainsley found a wooly bear caterpillar. It was all curled up and sleeping.


They made a house for it under a piece of bark in Willow’s sit spot.


The wooly bear in its house.


Paisley! She got stuck in the climbing tree and her boot fell off. It was scary, but Mr. Frank and Mrs. Johnson helped her get out! 


Henry in first grade was one of our Forest Leaders. He showed a lot of caring when he helped Isla find her ice gripper. Here he is climbing down underneath the pine tree.


Many kids went down to the marsh to slide and explore. It was so fun to go somewhere we had never been before!


Isaiah in his sit spot. 


We found a ton of places where squirrels had eaten pine cones. Here is a big pile!


Henry kept falling off the log in his sit spot (on purpose)!


Ian in his sit spot.


Avery’s Forest Journal: “We were playing hockey with hockey sticks.” Avery put spaces between her words and labeled her picture. She spelled snap words right like “we.”


Olivia drew a picture of her skating on the ice. She has been working all year on writing her name and now she  can do it! 

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