A Warm Winter’s Day

It was 45 degrees when we went outside today. Warm, sunny, wet, and slushy in the woods. Mr. Frank and Miss Anita were our fire tenders. The birds ate all their food from the feeder and came begging for more. We heard a lot of crows during Sit Spot time and talked about what they could be saying to us.


Paisley’s plan: “I want to see tracks and the hole and scat.” In Morning Meeting we learned about ruffed grouse (or partridges) and how they leave a hole in the ground where they slept overnight. Paisley is working on putting a whole sentence on the paper and spelling her snap words right!


Avery’s plan: “I am going to find some water.” She used spaces between her words, spelled snap words right, and put a period at the end.


Willow’s plan was also to find a grouse hole. She wrote “hole,” “sit spot,” and “me.” Her picture helps tell her story clearly!


We certainly found water! All of the little streams were flowing.


Dakota found a hole in the field. Could it be a grouse sleeping hole or is it something else? We didn’t find any scat in it.


Ainsley made a slide in her Sit Spot and she kept on bashing into a stick. She says it didn’t hurt.


Dakota found  new tree to climb at his Sit Spot.


Gregory helped Mr. Frank saw some dead branches for the fire. Here is the one he sawed.


Journey and Reuben were our First Grade Leaders. They were scraping the bark on a tree.


The big hill was a fast and slippery slide today. We had a lot of fun on it!


 The whole class and the First Grade Forest Leaders came out to slide. Isla was going crazy down the slide and yelling. Ian was excited on the slide. A lot of us bumped into trees. Avery was screaming too because it was fun. We also slid into the mud at the end and we got messy. Willow made her own slide that was so fun. It was smaller and had no mud. Olivia was screaming too. Henry and Gregory made their own slide.


Did you know that Journey is Gregory’s sister? 


A few of us got our feet soaked and very cold. Ian made up a song about his boots, “My boots are a swimming pool!” and sang about all the animals that came to swim– a mouse, a crab, some fish. It made us all laugh. We took off wet socks, dried our feet by the fire, and put on fresh wool socks. That helped!


We love Forest Monday! Especially when it is warm and sunny. Ainsley also wanted to say that she saw some tracks on the playground that looked like dog tracks. 


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