Hot Off the Kindergarten Press!

We stayed out for a long time today working on our science. We are learning about pushes and pulls and today we pulled “mystery boxes” and had to decide if they were easy or hard to pull and what might be in them. We found rocks, sticks, leaves, logs, pine cones, and mud.

We had such an exciting day last Monday and have been working all week on a book about it. This was a fun story to write for the end of our unit on true stories. It is true, but based on the title you might not think so! Enjoy.



A Day for Wind, Climbing, and Cupcakes

Today the weather was windy and sunny. Our First Grade Leaders were Olivia and Skyler. Miss Becca was our fire tender.


Paisley wrote: “I will see a bunny in the woods.” She put spaces between her words and she put a period at the end of her sentence. She also used labels.


Charlotte wrote: “I am gonna listen for a woodpecker.” She did some spaces. She did labels and a period at the end of her sentence. And she used some lowercase letters– we are really working on that! 


Avery wrote: “I am going to find some grass.” She used spaces and some lowercase letters too. She also worked on making her handwriting neat.


Ian wrote: “I am going to see a woodpecker.” His picture really matches his words. His spaces are really clear. 


Henry made a pen out of wood and he colored on another piece of wood. It was poking through because it was wet. 


At his Sit Spot, Dakota was attacking the tree. He was trying to make it snap, but it wouldn’t because it was too bouncy. Then he started sliding down it like a zipline. It looks more like he is attacking himself! 


Ainsley was lying in her Sit Spot. During this time we lie down or sit, and listen. Today we heard the highway and the wind. It was really windy.


Avery was holding the bird feeder. We added more food today.


Ian and Isaiah were playing rock, paper, scissors to find out who would go to the bathroom first.


We found lots of baby pine cones. We found them on the big climbing tree. We also found some buds. 


This is we were lifting out logs from the big climbing tree. We were bringing them to our fort to work on it. 


Avery was hanging onto the cracked branch. Part of the tree was already broken off.


Isaiah is climbing.


Today was Isla’s birthday circle. She is walking around the fire circle. She is handing out napkins for her cupcakes.


Isla was handing out cupcakes to us. They were good!