Pushes and Pulls

After our Forest Day today, we talked about all the learning we have been doing about pushes and pulls in science. We recently designed some play areas that have pushes and pulls (check them out hung up outside our classroom). We notice that we use pushes and pulls all the time when we move sticks, climb, and jump on ice to break it, for example. But what kinds of things could we add to our woods that would let us do more pushes and pulls?

We brainstormed (slides, treehouses with ladders, swings, rollercoasters) and then cut our list down to a few options that we could actually make.

  1. Rope swing
  2. Wooden bench swing
  3. Rope ladder

The grant that gave us the Grundens raincoats also gave us money for ropes for swings. We’re hoping to get those up soon!


Sit Spots: Can you spot the students?


A new climbing tree! The pricker bushes didn’t stop anyone.



Isla and Ainsley found “writing” on this stick. Ainsley said, “It looks like someone wrote on this long, long ago.”


There was “writing” on a lot of sticks. Very mysterious!


Playing on the car in Henry’s Sit Spot.

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