A Fun Forest Day!

Today it was hot out in the woods and a little breezy. It was very beautiful. We heard a lot of birds, including crows and chickadees. We found lots of bugs including centipedes. Today black flies were flying around our faces a little bit. But they were not biting anyone yet.

Some of the fun things we did outside today were:

  • Gregory and Henry found a slingshot and shot sticks up in the air on it.
  • We also shot Mr. Frank’s bandana up and two times he got it stuck in the tree!
  • We made chocolate cake in the ravine.
  • Ian was jumping in the water.
  • Dakota kept on swinging on his tree.
  • Some of us worked on a fairy house village.
  • Charlotte played in the mud.

We noticed that a bunch of leaves were coming out. We kept on finding leaves over and over again.


Ian is looking at plants and leaves. They might be called three-leave clovers or they might be strawberry plants. 


Henry found a slug at his Sit Spot. It was walking on the ground. Dakota said, “Do you mean slithering? Because slugs don’t have legs!”


Here is Olivia L. (from first grade) next to her tree from last year! It is a cherry tree which is the same kind as Charlotte’s this year. 


Ian is putting his finger on the bud of his tree. The bud is turning green a little bit, but it is still brown. This is important because this is when the leaves and flowers come out. 


This is Ainsley with a red flower on her tree. It looks like a cocoon, but cocoons like hanging down. It is not hanging down. 


Avery found a green bud on her tree too!

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