Spring Outdoor Adventures


The leaves are really starting to come out and they are turning green. Before they were reddish orange when they were little. This is because it’s almost summer. ¬†Paisley’s tree is a maple and we can tell because of the leaves.


Ainsley’s dad, Mr. Lamoreau, came out in the woods with us. He helped us. He helped us when Henry hit his head on a tree. That is Ainsley’s tree.


This is Ian’s tree and we are not sure what kind it is. It isn’t a maple. The leaves look different. Avery thing is it is a beech tree. We’ll have to look it up in a book.


Gregory found a slug on the ground.


He got slime on his hand.


This is a part of a robin egg. We are wondering if blue jays and bluebirds also have blue eggshells.


Here is Dakota at his Sit Spot. He is laying on the ground. He was trying to be quiet. Before, he was making a squirrel nest in his Sit Spot.


Paisley is in her Sit Spot. She was pretending that the ground was hot lava.


Avery and our First Grade Leaders, Journey and Mollie, were building fairy houses. Mollie and Journey were working together and Avery was working on a fairy house by myself. The fairies that come are very lucky because Avery make them a giant salad.


We learned about fiddleheads from Mr. Lamoreau. The ones on the right are the kind we can eat. They have brownish orange leaves on the stems. The ones on the left are not good to eat because they are light green and don’t have the orange leaves on the stem. They are also not good to eat if they are unrolled.


Here are Gregory and Henry climbing. Gregory was pretending to fall down the tree.


Dakota, Ian, and Isaiah were playing Minecraft. Dakota was swinging everywhere.


We found some baseballs and golf balls in a hollow stump. Some were broken and some were made out of string.


We found strawberry flowers everywhere!


Dandelions grow everywhere too!

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