The Best Hot and Green Day in the Woods


The apple trees were blooming and Ms. Atkins took our picture by the apple trees. 


The woods were full of green leaves! 


The white flowers were everywhere. They look like upside down tulips. 


Gregory found some hair with a bone hooked to it. We were thinking maybe a skunk or a raccoon. It felt soft.


Dakota and Paisley found a bunch of caterpillars on a spiderweb. It was in the middle of a branch.  They are not browntails because they have a different kind of nest. But we are still not going to hold them. 


Willow and Paisley were trying to get the caterpillars off and they got some on their sticks. 


Here is Paisley holding the Daddy Long-legs. 


We held this spider and it tickled. It is called a Daddy Long-legs. It had dots in the middle. They don’t bite. The spider broke its leg so it was dragging one. And then Paisley put it in her Sit Spot in a safe place where it would not blow away. 


We were playing seesaw! 


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