A superb rainy day. Annabelle and Emma from Mrs. Mackenzie’s class (as well as their mom!) joined us today. Mr. Frank kept us warm with a fire. Some notes from Ms. Atkins:


Someone had the idea to catch the drips off the tarp with folded leaf “cups.”


Thank you Grundens and Trust for Our Future for our new raincoats that we finally put to use. And thank you Mr. Frank for our excellent fire on a cold June day.


First salamanders of the woods! We learned to hold them gently.


Everyone had to try holding them. Once, or twice, or three times.


I believe it was an eyepatch made of a fern. Who knew that rain makes leaves stick to your face? Lots of laughter today.

And in the students’ own words, today’s highlights:


Isla. The “Sonic” bunny is pretend.


Olivia started to write: “I played with…” but her labels help us figure it out.


Avery: “I got water with Dakota from the tarp.” Her picture clearly shows how the water ran off the tarp!


Henry: “I found a cricket. I held it. It did not move.” His picture shows his hand hold the stick and the cricket. Henry carried it all the way up the hill like this to show to Mr. Frank!


Gregory. The wood we found upstream looked like it was from an old snowmobile bridge. We stayed away from the rusty nails!


Ainsley: “Me and Isla were holding a salamander. And I liked holding the salamander.” That is not an easy word to stretch out!


Isaiah: “I played Sonic with Paisley.” Way to get down the beginning sounds you hear Isaiah!


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