A Good Day for Climbing

A beautiful, sunny, 65 degree day! We didn’t even bother with Grundens today, because we had a short Forest Day. That meant climbing was especially appealing. And we heard our regular chestnut-sided warblers during Sit Spots. Please-please-please-please-ta-MEETCHA! They are very loud!


On Ian’s leaf there were hard little bumps. They might be eggs. 


This is Avery’s tree. She didn’t know what it was, so we looked it up in our tree book. It is an ash tree!


We found these orange-petaled flowers. They looked like little sunflowers. 


This is Ainsley and she is the helper so she is carrying the bucket. She also is putting a buttercup near her chin to see if she likes butter.


Isla was making a fairy house in her Sit Spot.


Henry found this giant leaf in his Sit Spot! 


This is a tent caterpillar. You can tell by the white stripe.


Dakota found tiny fiddleheads in his Sit Spot!


We found leaves on a tree that we thought was dead. It was our bouncy tree. The leaves were growing out of the trunk.


Charlotte saw a chipmunk and then “Whoosh!” it went into this hole where she is pointing.


Avery was asking “Why are you upside down, Ms. Atkins?”


Ainsley was climbing too.


Isaiah climbing.


Dakota was saying, “I feel like I could sleep here forever.”


Henry and Gregory climbing.


Willow was carrying a big stick back for firewood. It was too heavy so she had to ask Dakota for help.

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