This post is a special shout out to Trust for Our Future, MSAD 75s education trust, that allowed us to purchase Grundens raincoats, long underwear, and a tarp to stay warm and dry out in the woods. This gear made our Forest Days possible!  It only rained one day this spring, and of course taking pictures while teaching is even harder in the rain, so these are all I’ve got. Warm and dry kids in the rain = happy kids in the rain (plus salamanders and worms don’t hurt either). This was one of our happiest Forest Mondays!


Isla holding a salamander with such care.


Dakota found something: I can’t tell if it is a worm or a slug.


This was our first day finding redback salamanders, and in fact my first time finding them in these woods. I looked hard last year, but didn’t find any. Rain must have brought them out!


They like to crawl up, and it take a steady hand to keep them from wiggling off.


One of our First Grade Leaders catching drips from the tarp with a leaf “cup.”


Isaiah and his stick.  Note the fleece hat underneath, in June. It was cold! This game was moving too fast for me to get many pictures.

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