A Snake to Celebrate Autumn

I think the writing we did together today speaks for itself. Otherwise, it was a glorious first Fall Forest Day, with climbing, fort building, “dirty baths,” worms, pretending to be puppies, apples to taste, and mushrooms to discover (and not taste!).


Our shared writing (the brown part is someone’s hands holding the snake).


I am a huge fan of reptiles and amphibians of all kinds, and I was a tiny bit hesitant about letting these Kindergarteners hold the garter snake we found, but shouldn’t have been. They were so gentle with it! 


We sat in a circle and took turns holding the snake, letting it wind through our fingers and feeling its slippery scutes and rough back. What a treat! 

First Forest Days

We have had two Forest Mondays already, and what fun these kids have been having in the woods. We are learning to climb trees and play with sticks safely, finding lots of caterpillars, and getting to know each other. Here are some of today’s (first ever!) Forest Plans.


Finn: “That is Hunter and that’s me and that’s a robot. I’m playing robots.”


Cameron: “I’m going to try to look for some portals.”


Grace: “I am going to look for bugs.” She drew a family of spiders, with the “Mommy-long-legs, sister-long-legs, and daddy-long-legs.” You can see their long legs clearly!


All the Forest Kids at the end of their first Forest Monday! Looking forward to more.