Dakota and Eleanor, our First Grade Leaders. We brought a shovel to clean off the benches.


Eleanor and Elijah were being scientists measuring the depth of the water. They used a stick and looked to see where it was wet, which showed them how deep the water was.


Turkey tracks and scat!


This log was a plane going to Hawaii, with the passengers escaping many repeated hurricanes.


Snow Ball #2! This one got rolled from the field, which we discovered is much easier than starting at the bottom of a ravine and rolling UP.


Snow Ball #1 made into a snowman. Can you see the face?


Lots of sliding was in order.


Ever the finders of tiny creatures, Hadlee and Grace managed to find roly-polies despite the snow and frozen ground. The roly-polies warmed up and moved around in their warm hands. Later, one seemed to stop moving, so we wondered if the warmth was too much all at once for it. Next time we’ll be more careful with little animals like these.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your snow day! Make sure to get outside, despite the cold. Your kids will show you how. You could even come to the outdoor classroom with a friend or two!

Show and Tell Woods Book

Check out our most current interactive writing book! In writing our current unit is “Show & Tell” where the students write about things and places that are important to them. The work right now is on thinking about theĀ partsĀ of a place and writing one page about each part– but staying on one topic per book!

In interactive writing, the teacher and students share the pen. We work together on all steps of the writing process, from planning to sketching, to labeling, to “fancying up” with color. Students are working on drawing with detail and hearing more than one sound in a word to label.



“The fire circle” “rocks” “tarp” “people” and “fire”


At Sit Spots you sit, listen, and watch.


I labeled this one for the students, in the interest of time. It shows our old climbing log that got chopped up and roped off by the septic workers, sadly.

Both Kindergartens in November

After some searching around for a different platform with more media space, I decided to stick with wordpress and upgrade to get more space. So, expect posts to have more pictures starting now!


Ms. Atkins class + Mrs. Johnson’s class + two first grade helpers = about 32 kids headed to the woods!


The ravine is no problem for these kids now.


We love hiking!


Gregory and Paisley, this week’s stellar First Grader Leaders. One of their jobs is to carry the water jug that we use to put out the fire. It’s heavy, but they are strong!


This group of kids had just finished searching for all the cut stumps they could find and pushing them them down the hill. They were trying to break this one off so they could roll it down the hill too.


Holden and Mason in their castle.


Having both classes out together makes for new combinations of friends to play with…


…and gives twins another chance to play together. Jacob and Brooklynn were jumping on this seesaw.

Stay posted for writing to go up soon. We’re working on a book about the different parts of our woods.