Snow in the Woods

Our book is titled: “Snow in the Woods.” It is about all the things we can do in the woods in the snow.


We make big snowballs. We figured out that it was easier to roll them from the field into the woods than up the hill!


We slide down the hills. You can see the bumps, sticks, mud, and log at the bottom. Not for the faint of heart!


We find tracks. This is a turkey track– you can clearly see the three toes in front and one in back. We also found a lot of turkey scat.


We also found lots of deer tracks. They have two toes.


Sometimes the snowballs got too big to move. Even when you run across the field at them full speed.


A snowman! Who needs a carrot or pieces of coal?


We Love Sliding.


Good old turkey scat.


This was an airplane, with kids listening to Weatherwoman Eleanor and quickly evacuating every time a hurricane blew through.


We also explored farther down the ravine and into the wetland. We found this climbing tree and called the area Puddle Playground because of all the water.

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