Strong Writers and Muddy Mud

We are working hard on drawing with detail and hearing many sounds in a word for our labels. Last week we got to share our writing with the 4th and 5th graders, and they were impressed by our “Brave Spelling” and “Detailed Drawings!”


Hunter: “My plan is to find deer and scat.” He wrote “deer,” “scat,” turkey tracks,” and “gulch.”


Finn: “I’m going to look for leaves, roots, and scat.”


Grace: “I’m going to try to find some scat.” She drew and labeled a turkey.


Eleanor’s plan. I didn’t get a chance to read it with her, so I’m not sure if she wants to slide, see, or sit in water. Based on her picture, I am guessing slide!


Zoey: “Me and Elijah are going to look for turkey tracks.”


Elijah: “We are looking for turkey tracks.” He also labeled “the scat.”


Elliana: “Me and Kenzie are going to find deer and turkeys.”


Mrs. Johnson’s class came out with us today. Here are Elijah and Camden in their Sit Spot.


Colton and Elizabeth. We hear a lot when we are very quiet.


Avery and Leah.


Celia and Nadia.


We got super muddy today, sliding and also climbing on the very long log. The big root ball at the end was ALL mud. We wrote “sticky mud” here. 


So we rolled in the snowy field to clean off!


And made snow angels. On our front and our back!


The result? CLEAN!

Apologies, parents, about the extra muddy and wet gear today. And thank you for so diligently dressing your children in their long underwear. It kept us toasty even when we got wet!

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