Tuesday after the big snow event, we were happy that it warmed up enough in the afternoon for us to go out for a short time. Recess had been canceled because of the cold. But nothing is grander than having fresh snow and the whole playground to yourself! We came back and talked about how hard and crusty the snow was, how high the snowbanks were (and good for running off, jumping off, sliding down), and how blue the sky was. The kids also noticed how the cold air felt different in your body and made it harder to breathe.


Leah: “We are playing chutes and ladders on the playground.” She labeled “twisty slide” and “ladder”


Elliana: “We are going down the slide.”


Eleanor, describing the pretend play: “We played alone in the ice and the ice was in the ocean.”  The people are saying, “Help!” “I can save you!”


Finn labeled a lot: “Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch” “the snow flakes” “the sun” “the sky” “the clouds” 


Alec drew him and Leah playing on the big snowbanks. His labels are very clear: “tree” and “the snow” 


Cameron: “We put snow at the bottom of the slides.” (This makes the ride faster!)


Elijah: “Leah and Elijah and Hunter played together.”


Every day brings something new! We really loved the snow.

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