Being Deer

This Monday morning we talked more about deer and what they need to survive in Bowdoinham. We talked about how they find food in the winter if there is snow– they can dig with their hooves to find things on the ground like acorns, apples, and grass, or they can scratch into bark to get the tasty green inner bark. They can also eat buds. Miss Bonnie thought they might also eat the needles from trees if they were really hungry, like her sheep do!

Here are some of our deer-related plans:


Elliana: “Me and Elijah we are going to find deer tracks and deer.”


Hunter: “I want to find deer tracks. I will follow the deer tracks.”


Celia: “I’m going to find deer tracks with Eleanor. We’re pretending to be deer.”


Hadlee: “I hope to let Grace in my Sit Spot.”


Colton: “I hope to find slushy ice in the woods.” He also labeled “people” and “fireplace” at the bottom.


Eleanor: “I want to find lots of deer food with Celia.”


Leah: “I am going to find food for the deer.  I am going to find apples.”


Jacob wanted to follow turkey tracks. He wrote “follow” “turkey” and “track.”


In the woods we pretended to BE deer and looked for food and then cozy places to sleep, under low-hanging branches. The rest of the story of our day:


We had a great day, despite the cold wind!



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