Feels Like Spring!

My mom, Jenny Atkins, was visiting today, and came out to help in the woods. So thanks to her for many of the pictures today!


Notes about the story of our day.


Fox tracks on our hike.


Share time after Sit Spots. Kids noticed things like the fact that sticks were buried under new snow, that it was sticky packing snow, the wind, and the sounds of their own breathing (that one was Hunter).


Lunch. Warm enough to comfortably have hands out of our mittens!


Sliding was getting rough, so we made a new plan for going one at a time and waiting in line.




Leah’s lichen.


Shoveling was an important job today.


Eleanor’s dad was our other fire tender today, and he brought her little sister Margaret too (the one looking at Elliana). We celebrated Eleanor’s birthday.


Hadlee is our new Forest Kid of the Week! She is doing a great job staying within sight of the teacher (Responsible), listening to her friends share (Focused), and playing with everyone (Caring). Go Hadlee!



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