When was the last time you had a picnic while it snowed? In April?

This week we were working on using Fundations lines in our writing in order to neaten up our handwriting, to make it easier to read. These writers did a pretty good job staying  in the lines. Bonus to those who used lowercase letters!


Colton: I hope to see a bird. I will look in the woods.” (finished on the back).


Leah: “I want to find a snowshoe hare rabbit with Eleanor.”


Hunter: “I hope to find buds and icicles. I want to find them on my tree.”


Cameron: “I want to find garbage. I want to put it in the garbage.”


Finn: “I want to find new tracks.” 


Celia: “I want to find a deer track with Eleanor and me.”


Hadlee: “I want to find deer tracks.”


Eleanor: “I want to find deer tracks and scat under trees with Celia.”



The famous fly. We got a lot of mileage out of this little guy! 


We were so happy to have “saved” the fly! Can you find it? (Hint, same mitten as before.)

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