May the Forest Be With You

We had a fabulous Forest Monday with Mrs. Johnson’s class too. We’ve missed them and are glad they can come out with us again. Mr. Frank was back too! Better a late post than no post.


Hunter: “We played Star Wars.” Colton: “We ate lunch.” Leah: “We climbed a log.” Kenzie: “This is me and Eleanor and Elliana. We played baby birds. It was fun.” Finn: “There were a lot of bugs.” Jacob: “We saw all of the water.”


Grace: “Me and Grace and Hadlee played baby birds.” Cameron: “Me and Jacob made a house for the worms.” Hadlee: We played birds. some people used their jackets for wings.” Elliana: “My tree had buds and leaves.” Celia: “We played birds.” Eleanor: “We climbed trees.”


This is how you can safely break a stick!


Silas and Mason broke a LOT of sticks.


Mystery goo… seriously a mystery. It looked like frog eggs but with no eggs inside and was halfway up the hill from the wetland. ????


Lots of birds were out today. In big nests… (Elliana, Grace, Leah)


… and making small nests (Brooklyn).


Eleanor was a bird who could whittle.


Without Grundens it was easy to do a lot of climbing and not worry about them getting holes. (Grace, Hadlee, Trinity)


Emmalin and Camden were exploring a new apple tree. Emmalin got really high!


And our good old climbing pine (Zoey and Finn, and Mr. Frank back in action!)


Even Mrs. Johnson climbed! (with Jacob). Ten minutes after this picture was taken, when she was trying to get down… “Avery! Avery! (the nearest kid) “How far away is the ground?” Avery: “Really close!” Phew.

We just love the spring!

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