Rainy, Sluggy, Lush Forest Monday

We saw and heard so much during Sit Spots today. The woods were lush! There were tons of warblers and other birds flying around and singing. A chestnut-sided warbler came right up to our fire circle: “Please, please, please, please-ta-MEET-cha!”


Alec. It was a great day to play in the stream in one of our ravines.


I believe Elijah was a Megalodon.


IMG_3803 Hunter and Grace. A few of us got stuck in the mud!


Leah, Eleanor, Willow (our first grade leader, but it feels like she never left the woods!), and Celia. They were escaping the Megalodon.


Elliana. Earlier she took a full body tumble into the stream!


Cameron, Willow, Leah, Jacob, and Zoey with their slug houses. They had over ten slugs!


Celia found a comfortable tree.


Cameron: “We found slugs and made homes for them. And we got them on trees and logs.”


Elijah: “I found a slug and a worm on the basketball court and we walked on the basketball court.”


Zoey: “I got dead leaves for the slugs. I found one slug.” (And then she added “on the ___” and I can’t tell what that word is! Hill?)


Leah: “We went to the ravine and played run away from Elijah.”


Elliana: “We ran away from Elijah. We ran under a tree.” She didn’t quite finish her picture, but worked hard on what she did get done!



Eleanor. Apparently this game is common or important enough to deserve an official name.


Jacob: “We made a house for the slugs.” And he labeled “wood” and “sticks”

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