The Joy of June

This week Mrs. Johnson’s class joined us outside. We had a blast in the warm, dry, June weather. And there weren’t even too many bugs!


Hadlee: “I am gonna look for deer scat in the field.”


Grace: “I want to find roly-polies with Elliana.”


Elliana: “I am looking for snakes with Cameron, Zoey, Alec, Elijah, and Jake.”


Alec: “I want to find three salamanders underground.”


We thought that our tree buds would have grown into leaves by now. We were right! 


Many of us played Hide and Seek. Silas found a great spot!


Holden found a stick that looked just like a bow and arrow.


Eleanor and Alec were at the center of the worm and slug hospital operation.


Camden and Carlos played a game where they stood on one side of the ravine and threw sticks into the mud on the other side. They got points if they got their stick to stay in the mud. You can see all the little holes! 


We are getting really good at climbing little trees! 


Our debrief. The robin’s nest was the big find of the day! We are writing a class book about it.

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