All the Kindergarteners Outside

We had a great day out in the woods today with Mrs. Johnson’s class. It was partly cloudy, breezy, and warm or cool depending on what you were doing.


Of course we did a LOT of climbing. Apple trees really are the perfect trees for climbing.


Hunter E.




Jack and Nathaniel, with help from others (like Jacob) built a fort!


The fort quickly turned into an applesauce factory.


We collected a lot of apples, and Jackson, Hayden, and Braxton found it hilarious to try and walk on them– resulting in a lot of falling down!


Jacob was trying to cut a root for Leon and Noel with his chopping tool.


Vinnie went fishing with his stick.


Then we hike further on our trail for a loop back to school. These kids did great on their first crossing of “The Big Ravine”

Back at school, we debriefed the story of our day, and each kindergartener did their “Forest Journal” which they will add to all year.


Hayden: “Me carrying some apples.” The apples are the big circles all around him. You can see below where he is learning to write his name.


Jack: “Me climbing trees. And all the kids are playing in the grass.” Jack figured out that there were 14 kids in our class but he realized he ended up with more than 14 kids drawn here! He did an “M” for me and started to write other words too.


Hunter: “The goats and the troll.” We are very into playing The Three Billy Goats Gruff! And you can see the hills of our woods in his picture.


Astrid: “Me and Clara making soup.” She started to write and finished on the back.

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