What a Scorcher!

We had our first full Forest Monday today, from 9:30 am until about 1:30 pm! And it was HOT out in the woods.


The apple tree near the garden has great-tasting fruit. Rowen found a drop that was in good shape! 


Nora and Lyndon navigating the ravine, with backpacks this time! 


We pretended to be animals and built their homes today. Amelie was a deer and this is her bed. 


Logan and Hayden were coyotes and worked on the roof of this den.


Emilia was a bird and built a nest. 


With Miss Karen, kids worked on counting to five and collecting plants that were the same (and then different). 


With Mrs. Y, kids worked on phonics (the letters M and S).


Jackson found this strange caterpillar with eyespots. I thought maybe it was a swallowtail??


Fairy house builders – Laurel, Nora, and Amelie. 


Lyndon: “I played Power Rangers with my friends.” He wrote “me” and “P” for “Power Rangers.” You can clearly see the different colors! 


The documentation of the fairy house building by Amelie. You can see where she labeled “me” and “Nora” with the first letter.


Laurel: “I made a bird nest.” You can see where she is also writing letters around her picture. The bird nest is in the top left by the “M” for “me.”


Gemma: “I made a bed out of logs.” I think the G is for her, and maybe the S is for Silas? 


Our class shared writing. We all helped draw the pictures. It was important that we found poison ivy and talked about what it looks like so we don’t play in it! 


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